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Advantages of LED Wall Light Compared with Traditional Wall Light

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With the development of wall light market, LED wall light has gradually replaced traditional wall light and become everyone's first choice for wall light. LED wall light produced by ONEJIANG LIGHTING has received good reputation at home and abroad As we all know, the light source of LED wall light and traditional wall light is not the same. But do you know the advantages making LED wall light better than traditional wall light?

The traditional wall light mostly adopts halogen light and incandescent light concerning light source, so its luminous efficiency is relatively low. Not to mention its much power consumption, it also increases the ambient temperature of the irradiated environment, resulting in short service life of wall light.

LED wall light is far superior to traditional lighting products in light emitting principle, energy saving and environmental protection.

First, it has high efficiency. The spectrum of LED wall light is almost all concentrated in the visible band, and its light efficiency is much greater than halogen light and incandescent light.

Second, it is green pollution-free. Because there are no ultraviolet or infrared rays in the spectrum, it has no heat, no radiation, no burden to the eyes, and can be recycled normally.

Then, it has long service life. General LED wall light can be used normally for more than 30 years.

Finally, it has strong adaptability. The one-way of LED wall light shining forms a perfect support for the wall light distribution. And it is small size, which is applicable to hotels, shopping malls and all kinds of occasions.

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