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Cold wave strikes! Warm prompt of ONEJIANG LIGHTING: complete the defense work of solar lights

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Recently, the cold air has stricken, and citizens attach great importance to the installation work of solar lights all the time. Zhongshan solar lights manufacturer reminds citizens to make a success of installation and prevention work of product under the severe weather.

The light source of outdoor lighting product of solar lights manufactures is different, so the influenced factors under severe weather are also different. Compared to other light source, the quality of LED light source has long lighting time with lower price, and it is environmental and energy-saving. When using in outdoors, you must pay attention to reasonably install and ensure heat dissipation of light source.

The use of solar panel needs to clean at regular intervals and don’t be covered with dust or rain and snow for a long time. The battery panel at present is equipped with self-cleaning function, and the situation in which the battery panel is disturbed by dust rarely occurs, but it also needs to pay attention to that don’t let the quality of light source receiving from solar light be affected, thus affecting power supply and lighting.

The installation and use of special lead-acid battery of solar lights need to pay attention to avoid water and complete the waterproof work, or it will directly affect the service life. Taking this point into full consideration, solar lights manufactures of ONEJIANG LIGHTING equip storage battery with waterproof battery holder with ABS texture, which is waterproof and keeps warm, lengthening the service life of storage battery.

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