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Common Faults of Lawn Lights

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The design of lawn lights adds safety and beauty to the urban green landscape in appearance and soft lighting, and generally features convenient installation and strong decoration effects. Therefore, the lawn lights can be used in the decorative lighting of the green belt in park, garden villa, square greening and other places.

The common faults of lawn lights have two categories: one is the high resistance fault; the other is low resistance fault. The high resistance fault means that the cable is burnt with high resistance, and insulation occurs to decline in interphase or to the ground with a certain resistance value. The so-called low resistance fault is that wire occurs short circuit or complete short circuit to the ground, so that the current increases and the transmission appears tripping phenomenon. These two kinds of faults and their frequent appearance pose a threat to the normal use of lawn lights.

The main causes of lawn light faults rely on poor construction, materials, accessories and designs, which are also the emphasis what the manufacturers should take into consideration during the period of design, production and installation.

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