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Common traps for LED outdoor lighting purchase

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With the wide use of LED outdoor lighting, many bad manufacturers have made a lot of substandard LED lights to reduce production costs and make a big profit. Therefore, we need to be careful when purchasing and avoid falling into the procurement traps.

Trap 1. Fake chips, low-end chips

The core of LED lights is the chip, which directly determines the performance of the light. However, some undesirable manufacturers take advantage of the customers’ unprofessional knowledge and consider the cost, they use the low price chip, so that customers purchase low-quality products with high price, causing direct economic losses, and the LED lights have serious quality problems.

Trap 2. False configure label and exaggerated configuration parameters

The popularity of LED outdoor lighting, accompanied by lower profit and fierce competition, leads many LED outdoor lighting manufacturers to start to cut corners and label the false parameters of the products. There are problems in wattage of light sources and solar panels, the capacity of battery and even the material of the light post. Of course, this is also caused by the customers’ comparing the price repeatedly and demands for low price, also related to the practice of some manufacturers.

Trap 3. Bad heat dissipation design and irrational configuration

In heat dissipation design, the lifetime of the semiconductor devices decreases in multiples with every 10 degrees PN junction temperature of the LED chip increases. Due to the high brightness requirements of LED outdoor lighting and harsh environment, and if the heat dissipation is not good, it will quickly lead to the aging of the LED and the low stability. Besides, improper configuration often leads to specific use cases that don't reach expectation.

Trap 4. Pass copper wire off as gold wire

Many LED manufacturers are trying to develop copper alloy, alloy wire with silver wrapping in gold to replace expensive gold wire. Although these alternatives are superior to gold in some features, there is a lot of difference in chemical stability, and they are more susceptible to chemical corrosion, with less reliability of light source, and when being used for a long time, LED light beads are more easily broken.

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