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Degree of specialization of outdoor lighting manufacturer is uneven

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With the large development of outdoor lighting manufacturer and the improvement of people’s living standard and taste, people have higher requirements with outdoor decoration as well as more demand for the outdoor lighting. Let us talk about the degree of specialization of outdoor lighting manufacturer with the example of ONEJIANG LIGHTING.

ONEJIANG LIGHTING, a professional outdoor lighting manufacturer with production experience over ten years, possesses professional production equipment and testing instruments and major accessories used for processing products. Furthermore, they have more than 2000 varieties of products.

In the terms of choosing the material for outdoor lighting, ONEJIANG LIGHTING uses the environmental protection lead-free die casting aluminum which is molded with high pressure, the real thing without impurities.

ONEJIANG LIGHTING uses special powder paint for outdoor use to process the surface, adopting a new technology of powder electrostatic spraying. Electrostatic spraying equipment is quite complicated, having the strong selectivity of the solvent and temperature and humidityhas an effect on the quality, placing the high requirements for the process.

XTY-006-WD ONEJIANG outdoor wall light

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