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Four Types of Lightning Strikes of Solar Garden Light

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ONEJIANG LIGHTING now will tell you the common problems of solar garden light.

Summer is the frequent period of thunderstorm weather, in such kind of weather, the household appliances and lights are possible to be damaged usually, so it’s necessary to take actions to prevent them from the lightning strike in summer.

There are mainly 4 types of lightning strikes as below.

1. Conduction Lightning

Super high voltage generated by the distant lightning strike or electromagnetic induction is transmitted from outdoor power lines and communication lines to the electrical appliance inside the building.

2. Direct Lightning

There is great amount of power in direct lightning and its peak voltage can reach 5000 KV, so its destructive power of current converted is terrible, mainly reflected as following:

● The huge negative current flows into the ground in a few microseconds and it will makes the ground potential rise rapidly and cause counterattack accidents, which is dangerous for people and equipment.

● Lightning currents can generate powerful electromagnetic waves, which induce very high pulse voltages on the power lines and the signal lines.

● Lightning flows will produce extremely high heat when flowing to electrical appliance, resulting in fire or explosion accidents.

3. Induced Lightning

The strong electromagnetic waves generated by the frequent lightning in clouds will cause common mode and differential mode interference, affecting the work of electrical appliance.

4. Switch Overvoltage

In the power supply system, the high voltage pulse can be generated through the on and off of the inductance and capacitive load, the ground short-circuit, the power line short-circuit and so on, and the pulse voltage can be 3 to 5 times high than the normal voltage, which is able to damage the equipment seriously. The damage effect is similar to that of lightning strike.

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