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Garden Lights—Change Your Life Again

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Garden lights, a kind of outdoor decorative lighting, are featured by unique style and ornamental function. They are mainly applied to urban roads, housing estate roads, industrial parks, landscape brightening, tourist attractions, parks, green belts, square illumination and brightening.

Under the circumstance that energy-saving and cost-reducing become a new trend in this era,garden lights should have good illuminating function and their decorative and energy-saving functions are also important indicators to measure the level of lighting manufacturing.

According to some researches, the illumination of landscape lighting in many cities is intensive and landscape lightening covers a large range. However, as for control mode, a number of landscape lightening could not be managed uniformly and operate intelligently, but be turned on and off only. Such invariable lighting form results in a lot of electric waste and intensifies electric energy shortage. To make sure that landscape lighting beauty the city and electric energy and human resource are not wasted, we should synthesize various needs of landscape lightening to formulate a reasonable control mode.

Various control modes:

On the basis of carrier, urban landscape lighting mainly include: decorative lighting for buildings, square lighting, decorative lighting for municipal public facilities and greenbelt lighting. According to its characters, buildings are divided into public buildings and commercial buildings. Therefore, we should not adopt the same method for different control modes, but adopt various control modes to satisfy overall effects.

●Lights are on all year round: This mode is suitable for urban landmarks, downtown important buildings, landscape passageways and other landscape lighting projects.

●Lights are on only on weekends: This mode is suitable for such buildings as private houses and government buildings, and landscape lightening projects for public facilities, including squares, greenbelts and bridges. They are relatively unimportant and do not need to be turned on all year round. To save electricity consumption of landscape lightening, it could be considered to reduce annual opening days of lightening by controlling.

●Some lights open: It is impractical to open lights on weekends for some commercial buildings, such as hotels, business buildings and shopping centers because of their business needs at night. Under this circumstance, landscape lightening facilities of every project could be classified and some high-power facilities could be turned off, such as vertical floodlights and top floodlights.

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