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How Important Is the Service of European Outdoor Wall Light Supplier?

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As the mainstream style of outdoor wall light, the European outdoor wall light has been increasingly popular among customers, however, there are many affecting factors when people purchase European outdoor wall light, except quality and price, another important factor is actually the service of the European outdoor wall light supplier. Taking ONEJIANG LIGHTING as an example, let’s discus what services should European outdoor wall light supplier provide.

As a relatively high-end European outdoor wall light supplier, the services of ONEJIANG LIGHTING are mainly embodied in following 4 aspects.

● First of all, on the production, ONEJIANG LIGHTING will provide every step of the production process, after completion, the testing and inspection reports of corresponding products will be offered by quality inspection department accordingly.

● Secondly, on delivery, due to the fact that the main accessories of ONEJIANG LIGHTING’s European outdoor wall light are produced by the company itself, therefore, while ensuring quality, we also guarantee that all orders are delivered on time.

Thirdly, on communication, we ensure 24-hour online customer service and respond to email in 3 to 6 hours.

Forth, on after-sales, our professional after-sales service team will solve all problems encountered during the sales and in use.

XTY-027-WD ONEJIANG outdoor wall light

As a professional European outdoor wall light supplier, these basic services must be done well, and the use of products and the user experience will be impacted with absence of any service mentioned above. ONEJIANG LIGHTING has been working hard in improving our services. 24h Hotline: 86-13702588058, Skype: michelleyang121, Email:,

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