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How to Buy LED Garden Lights

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The luminous efficiency of LED is high, which is much higher than that of energy-saving lights, metal halide lights and electrodeless lamps, as a result, LED has now become one of the highest luminous efficiency of the light source. However, the garden lights LED using as a light source are called LED garden lights. But there are so many LED garden lights on the market, how should we choose?

1. Detect the light source: most of the light source is white light, in terms of white light, when choosing, some lights look brighter, and some are darker, some are white, some are purple or blue, which is due to the different luminous efficiency and color temperature of light. The luminous efficiency of light source produced by some manufacturers is very low, but in order to make it look brighter, they raise the color temperature, so it looks brighter, however, it is not really bright in fact, which is only the illusion of the human eye, If we are in this environment for a long time, vision will be getting worse.

2. Observe the electrical appliances: all the light sources need a ballast to be lighted up, the ballast can bring instantaneous starting voltage for the light source and the stability of the work. The quality of the ballast directly determines the life and light efficiency of the light.

3. Safety first, pay attention to details: when purchasing lights, it is necessary for consumers to pay attention to the light source (light bulbs, light pipe), switches and sockets of every details, so you are sure to look carefully when buying. Qualified switch products must be certified by the state and conform to the industry standards.

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