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It Is Shocking that Black-heart Solar Lights Manufacturers Have Made Frauds

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ONEJIANG LIGHTING, as professional Zhongshan solar lights manufacturer, has always had the technical quality as the core competitiveness, it has developed and expanded in Zhongshan Ancient Town and has become a powerful manufacturer. However, it has also been found that some solar lights manufacturers have chosen to make frauds and deceive customers to gain profit, which is shocking.

Black-heart solar lamp manufacturers, in order to save costs, have fiddled the solar panels, they use stickers to replace some poly silicon boards, there is no difference in appearance, but in use, there will be power shortage which makes lights dimmed, shorten lighting time and so on, but it hard for customers to find it; galvanized rod is more expensive, as for the galvanized bar produced by ONEJIANG LIGHTING, in addition to galvanized rods, on which fluorocarbon paint specially for outdoor use is baked additionally, so as to ensure that the lamppost will not rust for 15 years, but some black-heart manufacturers use ordinary iron instead of it, and use hands to spray paint, such lampposts will rust, corrode and break even in a few years, which may cause an accident, shocking; Besides these, there are fake batteries, inferior light beads, reducing the thickness of lampposts and other ways of making frauds. It is difficult for non-industry insiders to find these frauds, ONEJIANG outdoor lighting can find these frauds only after it has been engaged in this industry for many years.

For a manufacturer, if it does not pay attention to quality and reputation, then it certainly can not go farther. ONEJIANG LIGHTING has always been convinced of this point: Quality is the foundation of enterprise to survive.

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