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LED garden light manufacturer’s words on heat dissipation technology

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LED garden light manufacturer certainly knows the industrial technology development well, and the popularity of the LED lights is a general trend. And the major problems encountered in this process are having no industry standard, poor optical design, bad heat dissipation design and the high cost. Today, ONEJIANG LIGHTING is going to explain the heat dissipation technology of LED garden light.

There are many LED garden light manufacturers utilize widely aluminum heat conduction for heat dissipation. It means to conduct the heat to radiator through aluminum substrate, and then sent heat into the air. The heat dissipation effect is great, which can maintain the LED bead’s temperature below 90 degrees Celsius. This is a good heat dissipation design, but not perfect for the reason that the lower temperature the bead can be, the longer life the LED can get.

ONEJIANG LIGHTING utilizes the design of aluminum heat conduction and air convection, which means, based on the original aluminum conduction design, to improve the light appearance and let the hot air out from the upper part and the cold air in from bottom, taking away the heat continuously and realizing a better heat dissipation effect. In addition, the in-depth design of advanced heat dissipation design of this industry and the stands heat conduction technology can be only the carried on by the powerful manufacturers.

Apart from the design, the material is also an important factor in heat dissipation. Aluminum is the most important heat dissipation material for LED garden light industry, and the higher the purity, the better the cooling effect, and the more expensive the price. ONEJIANG LIGHTING uses 6063 pure aluminum with high conductivity of 2.0, and the great cost investment is for producing good products only.

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