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ONEJIANG LIGHTING aim to be an optimal supplier of garden lights

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On December 21, 2017, ONEJIANG LIGHTING held a meeting naming as “Effectively Solve the Issues Worry Customers”. Based on “enhancing the customers’ experience and their recognition on products as well as the package and scheme for lighting projects”, engineers and artisan in garden lights manufacturer conducted a deep discussion.

Aiming at the issues that are mentioned at the meeting, the participants from each sector of Zhongshan garden lights manufacturer pointed out the problems concern them when in daily work, providing suggestions to solve them. After long discussion, a consensus that aims to improve cooperation and increase mutual communication was made by each sector. Moreover, the company has designed attractive incentive system so as to motivate employees. All the measures are designed to better serve the customers. Only when we find the problems and solve them promptly, and continuously optimize the working model so as to produce quality products can we gain the credit from customers and make ONEJIANG LIGHTING be an priority supplier of garden lights for customers.

YF8013A3-3M ONEJIANG garden light

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