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ONEJIANG LIGHTING is proud of installers of garden lights

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Recently, the temperature has kept dropping throughout the country, and some regions continue to be below freezing and enter into the real chilly winter. The staff of Zhongshan garden lights manufacturer braved chilliness and rain to go on working. Editor of ONEJIANG LIGHTING is clear in mind that we need to put the whole enthusiasm into work under this weather, because citizens need us.

In each city we live, everyday there are lots of staff from different places who braved cold wind to make a living. It is their sweat, effort and what they have stuck to that bring more convenience of city life, sharply rising of buildings and more and more beautiful city appearance. Under the harsh weather conditions, the workers of ONEJIANG LIGHTING overcome the difficulty of rain and snow and are in strict accordance with installation process of garden lights and carry out all kinds of works under this situation where the quality doesn’t reduce. Meanwhile, workers need to pay attention to their safety when working under the rainy and snowy weather and take effective slip-resistant measure.

YF8187A2-2 ONEJIANG garden light

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