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ONEJIANG LIGHTING, LED Solar Lights Manufacturer focus on light and health together with you

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On November 20th, 2017, the key project “photo biological mechanism facing healthy lighting and applied research” of national key research and development plan “strategic advanced electronic material” launches in Suzhou New District. Today, LED solar lights manufacturer, Zhongshan ONEJIANG LIGHTING and you who focus on health talk about the light and health together.

In recent years, light pollution has been pain more and more attention by all sectors of society. The light pollution caused by all kinds of ways has already been not neglectful. As the new-type lighting technology with broadest application prospect, the doubt about the health of the LED solar lights manufacturer’s product and undefined photo biological influence mechanism are important factors that affect its development.

Guangdong Zhongshan ONEJIANG LIGHTING devotes itself to scientific light distribution of LED lamps and lanterns. From the research and development and selection of shell of lamps and lanterns, selection of battery configuration to the lens light distribution of different LED solar light module, it all takes the most reasonable problem about light distribution into consideration, making the lighting effect of lamps and lanterns maximize and beneficial to environment and more beneficial to visual experience of road.

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