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ONEJIANG LIGHTING Testimonials Case 3

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A few months ago, Paul, a real estate purchasing agent in Europe, visited our company. He chose us because previous suppliers had not cooperated very well with him due to the instability of their products' conditions. After lots of investigations, he decided to cooperate with ONEJIANG LIGHTING.

ONEJIANG's outdoor lighting products have featured that are stable, secure, and high-quality, which is also the reason why our products are so highly regarded by our clients.

ONEJIANG LIGHTING Testimonials Case 3

Paul had a long talk with me in my office. In the beginning, I was worried that we would not be able to focus our talk as the conversation involved a lot of different topics.

Unexpectedly, I later received Paul's email that very night. Paul said that the boss of ONEJIANG outdoor lighting was not very talkative but when asked why so many mold models were applied as the costs would be high, he told me about his dream. He just wanted to do excellent outdoor lights, especially ones of European style for foreign markets. He added that he liked new designs and always tried to improve the products. In discussing this topic, he got very excited, with his eyes shining.

Paul said that he liked to deal with young people who have dreams. About the boss of ONEJIANG LIGHTING, Paul said, "He is a good man!"

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