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On solar light problems by a solar light manufacturer

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As a veteran solar light manufacturer, ONEJIANG LIGHTING is a master of solar techniques and the solar light problems appearing in reality, so we can introduce the common problems, reasons and solutions to you all.

As a solar light manufacturer, ONEJIANG LIGHTING has met all sorts of problems in past years, although many of them were news heard from others in this industry, but we should also take care of those warnings.

For example, the head dropping problem of solar light is because the long-term vibration makes the original interface loosed and dropped, ONGJIANG LIGHTING uses the fixing way of groove buckle with screws, which can completely avoid this phenomenon.

Solar light’s power is limited and the light is insufficient, which is not a new problem. Solar panels cannot support the high power lights, so the light is weak and this hard problem cannot be solved at this moment. What ONEJIANG do is to use unique lighting lens to increase the light uniformity, improve the light distribution curve and reduce light waste, providing better light with limited power.

In winter or rainy days, solar light is limited by the weather and unable to generate power, so it’ll strike after power exhaustion. In order to solve this problem, ONEJIANG configures parameters according to the local weather and environment and develops the wind-solar complementary solar light to solve the power generation problem in winter.

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