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Precautions for Outdoor LED lighting purchase

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With the decrease of the earth resources, the serious environmental problems and the more calls for energy conservation and emission reduction, outdoor LED lighting has become the "favorite" of energy-saving lighting industry, becoming a very competitive new lighting source. The following three points should be noted when purchasing:

1. Detection

When purchasing outdoor LED lights, the first is the light depreciation detection report, which is a very important link. Each company will provide light depreciation detection reports from different units when bidding, and some offer their own companies’ reports, and also some third parties’ reports. The power of outdoor LED lights is high, and the heat generated is large. Two problems are explained by the light depreciation detection: light depreciation is qualified, and power source pass tests. If an LED light doesn't pass in the lab, can outdoor quality be guaranteed?

2. Structure

After the light depreciation test, the structure is a big problem. This problem is rarely noticed in the industry, which is one of the main reasons of light depreciation of outdoor LED lighting in actual use. According to this situation, it must be ventilated up and down in the design of lights, double increasing the heat dissipation area, because no management department will clean the radiator on time, and in the long-term use, it can only be washed by rain. The decrease of effective heat dissipation area caused by the pollution is reduced after the area is enlarged.

3. Heat dissipation

Light depreciation of outdoor LED lighting has a bucket effect, and we are nagged by light depreciation for many years. The light depreciation cannot be solved only by making the radiator of the light well. COB encapsulation heat is more concentrated, and the thermal conductivity can be solved through aluminum holder or copper holder. But the light depreciation is more difficult to control, because the radiators are well solved, which does not necessarily solve the problem of light source depreciation. The encapsulated light source has a misunderstanding area, causing too thick silica gel of COB light source, however the thinner silica gel should be better, and it is convenient for luminous surface of the chip to cool, which is the reason why light depreciation of COB light source is uncontrollable.

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