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Recommendation of Power Values for landscape lighting

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Landscape lighting is the image of night scene reshaped with lighting as a kind of decoration to render and beautify the street. Then we will analyze the power of commonly used lights for landscape lighting.

Garden lights: metal halide lights, high voltage sodium lights and energy-saving lights of 70W/150W will be selected relied on the width of road and the height of garden lights. garden lights and high road, high pressure sodium lights or energy-saving lights. Metal halide light of 150W will be the best choice for the square with intensive crowds and high activeness. The remote and quiet place and residential areas generally select energy-saving light of 70W. The height of garden light is usually 3 to 5 meters, and most would be distributed in unilateral side with a pitch of 15 to 25 meters while some important parts in the square will be distributed in bilateral sides. Now, LED light has became popular with a high energy conservation and a high price, which will be a trend for current advocate of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Projection lights: According to the projected targets’ height and size, metal halide lights of 100W and 150W and LED light of 36W to 48W will be selected. If the projected target is small objects, the power will decreases, too. In addition, if the light is installed on the top of the tree, it is better to use LED light, the heat of metal halide light is not good for the leaves.

Underwater lights: halogen lights of 70W were used years ago while now LED lights of 12W to 24W are selected mostly.

Lawn lights: energy-saving lights of 7W to 15W or LED lights of 12W, which will be chosen mainly based on what of the lawn and the road will be lighted by the light, apply to higher for the road. Residential areas had better choose energy-saving lights for its power-saving and quietness.

LED lights take advantage of its rich colors and changeable features. Now metal halide lights are rarely used, LED lights do much favor to night lighting design with specific effects, lighting up instantly and abundant convenience in control.

Pool lights: Pool lights of low power are usually equipped with 50 W; the moderate power will be equipped with 80W and 120W while the high power will be equipped with 300 W. The voltages of 220V and 240V are in option, but it’s better to choose a safe voltage. The light can also change light color with choose transparent pieces of various colors. Power size depends on the size and depth of the pool.

Underground lights: Generally, metal halide lights of 70W/150W/250W and energy-saving lights of 18W will be selected, while some large squares where have a high requirements of color and color rendering property should select metal halide light.

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