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Solar garden light manufacturer, ONEJIANG LIGHTING’s well dealing way of waterproof for products

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As a kind of new energy, solar garden light manufacturer products meet requirements of environmental protection, thus the population of solar lights meet illuminating requirements or some big cities and villages. However, in the actual use of most solar lights, especially in rainy days when it appears the situation of leaving water in the controller, how do we deal with the situation? ONEJIANG LIGHTING share you some experiences here.

Solar garden light manufacturer gives resolving methods for the problem of waterproof by improving ability of solar garden lights controller: controllers of lamps are mostly installed in the inside of lamp shades, or battery compartments and will not leave water. However, in the real cases, there are some others circumstances: improper installment or there is no painted dealing for circuit board of controller which caused the rain flow into the controller of solar garden light along the outer wiring of controller, then it will cause the situation of short circuit. Thus, in the process of construction, we should pay attention to bend the terminal interior wiring into “U” and fix it, so is the outer wiring, which could avoid the short circuit of controller by permeated water. Or it could avoid water by smearing waterproof adhesive in the seam between interior and outside line.

Well waterproof function of solar controller could make sure the formal illuminating of solar garden light and avoid potential risk of short circuit by permeated water.

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