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Solar Lights Manufacturer-ONEJIANG LIGHTING Advocates Low Carbon Lighting Concept

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The electric energy of solar light is converted by solar panels. During the daytime, even on cloudy days, the solar panels can collect and store the energy that needed. As a kind of safe and environmentally friendly new energy which is Inexhaustible, the solar energy has gained more and more attention. The solar lights which are manufactured by the solar lights manufacturer-ONEJIANG LIGHTING is green and environmental friendly, it is also a kind of energy saving and environmentally friendly lamp product.

OJ-1861 ONEJIANG solar light

As a veteran solar lights manufacturer, the solar lights of ONEJIANG LIGHTING use high-power polycrystalline silicon solar panels. What is high-power polycrystalline silicon solar panels? Informally, it’s solar lights has the characteristics of "Four High" --high brightness, high stability, high life and high safety.

The solar lights of ONEJIANG LIGHTING use renewable energy to save electricity and protect the environment. Each lamp has its own solar panel, which is equivalent to a small generator. Under normal circumstances, it does not need external power supply. Meanwhile, it also reduces the power generation and CO2 emissions of power plants indirectly, and protect the environment and highlight the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction.

OJ-1868 ONEJIANG solar light

In the society of promoting energy-saving emission reduction, green environmental protection, low-carbon economy. ONEJIANG LIGHTING-Solar lights manufacturer plays an important role in the lamp market with simple installation, no consumption of conventional energy, long service life and so on. 24h Hotline: 86-13702588058, Skype: michelleyang121, Email:,

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