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The daily maintenance can prolong the life cycle of solar garden lights

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When compared the design and installation of lights, Zhongshan solar garden lights manufacturer’s products are more easy and convenient than that of common producers, which makes our products be more acceptable for users. Moreover, their advantages such as energy saving and environmental protection and long life cycle attract more people. Please pay attention to the their maintenance when using them.

Bad weather, such as tornado, hail, rainstorm, blizzard and son on, trouble all products when using them outdoors. Zhongshan solar garden lights manufacturer worries that the solar panels are shocked by other things. So it is necessary to prevent the lights from being shocked. When in good weather, a regular clear on their surface shall be conducted. Dust and contaminants shall be treated by water and then dry them off with gauze. Corrosive liquids shall be restricted. Besides, exposed accessories shall be checked carefully, for example, make sure whether the wire is damaged. The maintenance on products can also prolong their life cycle.

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