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The difference between landscape lamps and street lamps

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While streets lamps are often found beside or in the middle of roads and streets. Landscape lamps are generally seen on roads, in large courtyards, or villa hotels. They also come in random models. The difference between landscape lamps and street lamps, lies in the fact that street lamps are installed based on the width of the road, vehicle flow, surrounding foliage, height of architecture and the influence they bring to surrounding residents. Their height is often 8 - 20 meters (m) and lighting power 250 - 400 watts (w). However, landscape lamps are often isolated and self-sustaining and their heights are generally about 3.6 m and lighting power 80 - 150 w or smaller.

The difference between landscape lamps and street lamps

The advantages of landscape lamps:

1. They provide useful route guidance at night;

2. They can foreground the main landscape at night which can form a virtual and real relationship with the sourcing environment and enrich the landscape levels at night;

3. Variegated (different colored) lighting has rich appreciation interest to people on monotonous evenings;

4. A line of continuous lamps or an array of lamps can bring a sense of rhythm

5. They can be used for identification and indication. Specific light can remind you of the place where you are. At daytime, lamps with artistic sense also have high appreciative value.

It is a kind of digital musical landscape lamp control system made of a host machine and other machines which serve as extensions. The host machine is made up of audio signal processing circuits, analog-to-digital converter circuits, microcontrollers and output interface circuits. Since the system is made up of a host and extension machines, the system circuit as a whole, mainly adopts A/D conversion technology and integrated circuit control. This allows it to flexibly control the light change effect and make the colors change along with the variation of the musical rhythm. The height and length of sound posts changes along with the variation of the electrical amplitude.

What materials are needed for the installation of landscape lamps? The materials include lamps, light sources, cables and a lighting distribution box which contains circuit breakers, contactors and other electric components. Other components, such as concrete or stands, depend on the practical construction.

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