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The installation drawing parinciples of Courtyard lights

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Courtyard lights are a type of commonly seen decorative lights, often used in residential neighborhoods, which can provide great convenience. They are often twenty-five (25) meters long. According to the installation methods for these lights and lamp poles, they can be divided into three types: Dingzhen installation, side mounted installation, hoisting installation. In terms of burners, they can be classified into single burners, double burners and multiple burners. Courtyard lights with multiple burners are often used for decoration, so they are referred to as decoration lights. In addition, there are also elongated lights. According to lighting methods, there are direct lighting and indirect reflection lighting. In terms of style, there are classic lights and modern lights.

The installation drawing parinciples of Courtyard lights

Courtyard lights can be installed in place of outdoor street lamps in a neighborhood. Outdoor street lamps are however normally brighter than courtyard lights. If there are lanes in the neighborhood which are six (6) or more meters wide and  4 - 6 meters high, 250 watt high voltage sodium lamp (HPSL) or 12, 15, and 18 watt (w) LED lights can be chosen. Because courtyard lights are for the purpose of decoration, they are often 3.5 meters high and varied in style. People can choose their preferred styles according to the characteristics of the architecture. They may choose landscape courtyard lights or garden courtyard lights. If energy-saving lamps are chosen, some of the options are 45w, 65w, 85w, or 7w and 10w LED lights. The standard requirements are fastness, production technique, wind resistance, and anti-seismic quality.

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