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The instructions of solar courtyard lamps

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Solar courtyard lamps are impeccable products which have adopted solar technology and energy-saving LEDs. Delicate, convenient, useful, water-proof, anti-rust, and easy to operate, the lamp has a built-in high performance polymer cathode mix and a solar sheet, which convert solar energy into electricity. They can promote life quality in regions which have no electricity.

The instructions of solar courtyard lamps

The product can be installed on garages, residential driveways, balconies, ponds, the back area, the mail box area, the pavement, and so on.

The solar sheet should be installed in a location where the sun shines un-obscured for extended periods; the longer the sun shines, the better. When the sheet faces towards the south (when the intersection angle of the vertical plane of the sheet and the south is 0o), the generating capacity is maximum.


1. Do not install the solar sheet in the shadow/shade of architecture.

2. Do not dissemble the sheet arbitrarily or tamper with the battery.

3. When the surrounding temperature rises to that of the human body, the sensing distance will shorten.

4. Wipe the surface of the sheet with a soft cloth at regular intervals.

5. Adjust the lighting duration according to whether there is full sunshine, or the installation was carried

out in an ideal condition:

● Please understand that idea lighting time cannot be realized on a cloudy day, in winter, or on summer

days which do not have strong sunshine.

● The best installation method is when the solar panel faces the south or tilts to the latitude. If the panel is installed towards the east or the west, or only the installation place and the lighting region are considered, then the time the panel is exposed to sunshine will be reduced by half. As such, the lighting duration will also be reduced.

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