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The main reasons for failure of lawn lamps

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1. Poor construction quality

Failures mainly lie in poor construction quality, which can be reflected in the following aspects: first, cable trenches are not deep enough, or brick laying was not carried out according to the standard. Second, the making and installation of aisle pipes was not up to requirements, for example the two ends were not made in the shape of horn mouth. Third, cables are dragged on the ground when being laid. Fourth, important embedded pipes were not laid according to construction requirements, usually because the pipes are too thin and bend easily. Therefore, it is difficult to push the cable through the pipe as there are often sharp bends at the bottom of the foundation. Fifth, the pressure welding of cable plugs is deficient and insulation wrapping is not thick enough. Long operation therefore leads to short circuiting.

The main reasons for failure of lawn lamps

2. Poor materials

According to the failure cases dealt with in recent years, poor materials are also another major reason for the failure of lawn lamps. This is often reflected in: wire lacking in aluminum and that is hard, and insulator layers that are thin. Such occasions have been common in recent years.

3. Poor engineering choices

The cables for lawn lamps are often laid in green belts. In addition, the construction quality of pavements is low. When the ground subsides, the cables then become deformed under the heavy pressure. In places, particularly the northeast of China, located in a sub-luvial belt, cables and soil often become entangled. When the land subsides, cables are pulled loose from the base of lawn lamps, or broken during winter. When summer comes and there is heavy rain, cables get burnt due to short circuiting.

4. Unreasonable design

On one hand, there is overload operation. With the rapid development of city construction, lawn lamps are multiplying continuously. Newly built lawn lamps are connected to any circuit which is closer to them. Similarly, the advertisement industry has also developed rapidly in recent years, and loads of advertisement constructions are put on lawn lamps. As a result, the cables and cable lugs are over heated, insulation reduces, grounded short circuits appear, and so on. In addition, in the design of the lamp pole, only the pole's condition is considered while space for the cable head is regularly ignored. Sometimes, the length of the cable is lacking or the design of joints do not live up to standards. These also cause failure.

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