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The precaution needed in installing and constructing underground lights

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1. The sealing of the electrical line connection should be done well.

2. Underground water permeation work should be done well and underground lights cannot be immersed in water since they are not designed as underwater lights.

3. After an underground light is installed, the cover should be removed. After which the light should be kept on for half an hour, before being covered (this step is very important).

The precaution needed in installing and constructing underground lights

Additionally, the waterproof work and drainage are equally important. Again, as underground lights are not underwater lights, they cannot be immersed in water.

In terms of drainage work, broken stones in the shape of a circle of diameter 50 cm (or longer if possible) should be placed under every underground light. Over this, sand 20 - 50cm thick should be poured on the stones. In this way, drainage will not be a problem. Waterproof work quality is determined mainly by the quality of the light itself. In addition to checking that the light has no quality problems, the order of turning the screws should be paid attention to and the screws should be placed symmetrically after the light and the front lamp cover are installed.

Besides, the waterproof joint of the underground light should be connected to the light with the use of 'YJV' cables. Other methods basically do not work.

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