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The Principle of Solar Lawn Light

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Solar lawn light has a controller called charge-discharge controller, mainly used for battery charging and discharging. A basic photovoltaic system is composed of batteries, photovoltaic panels, solar controllers and loads. Switching is controlled by the control circuit according to the charging and discharging state of the system in this controller.

The control circuit of solar lawn light adopts voltage comparison, boost charging and discharging circuit composed of triode, resistor, capacitor and inductor. It can also use light controlled circuits, or voltage hysteresis comparator composed of integrated operational amplifier, or single chip.

Solar lawn light are composed of solar cell module (photoelectric plate), ultra bright light (light source), maintenance-free rechargeable battery, automatic control circuit, light, etc. It mainly works by the energy from solar cells. When the sun shines on the solar cells during the day, it converts light energy into electrical energy storing in storage battery, and then the battery supplies power to the LED (light emitting diode) for the lawn light at night. Its advantages contain safety, energy saving, convenience, environmental protection and so on. It is applicable to embellished lighting in the residential community lawn and park lawn.

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