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The principles of solar lawn lamps

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Solar lawn lamps have controllers which are mainly used to control the charging and discharging of the storage battery. The most basic controller system in a solar lawn lamp is the charge and discharge controller system which is made up of a storage battery, photovoltaic solar panels, a solar charge controller, a load and a few other parts. All these together form a basic photovoltaic application system. The switching (on and off) of the light is controlled by the charge and discharge of the system.

The principles of solar lawn lamps

The control circuit of a solar lawn lamp may often adopt electrical resistors, triodes, capacitors and inductors to create electrical current, thus charging or discharging the circuit. Or it may adopt a voltage hysteresis comparator or integrated transfer circuits or light-controlled circuits or single chip microcomputers, and so on. The prices of different controllers greatly vary. Adopting single chip microcomputers however requires a lot of money.

Solar lawn lamps have greatly influenced people's night activities. Especially in cities, where many people are busy with work in the daytime and full of tension. They often need to carry out their outdoor activities and exercise at night. Therefore, solar lawn lamps do not just play the role of lighting but also bring people a sense of beauty to some extent and lessen people's physical and psychological weariness.

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