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The protection of solar lawn light

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Solar lawn light uses solar energy to work. When the sun shines on the solar cell during the day, the light energy is turned into electrical energy to store in the battery. The storage battery supplies power to LED of lawn lamp in the evening. The lamp has advantages of safety, energy saving, convenience, environmental protection and so on, suitable for residential community in lighting and landscaping, and parks in dotting the lawn.

1. Strengthen the training of maintenance personnel

For one thing, the solar lawn light is closely related to the public life, whose operation directly affects the image of the Party and government, therefore, the maintenance staff’s awareness of lawn maintenance must be improved through education, as well as their sense of responsibility. For another thing, as science and technology of city lawn lamp speeds up and a large number of new technologies are applied, maintenance personnel should update professional maintenance knowledge to meet needs of work.

2. Accelerate the updating of maintenance equipment

The expansion of city, increase in lawn lamps and service areas make the workload of maintenance personnel increase greatly. We must constantly update the maintenance equipment, improve work efficiency without recruiting the number of personnel.

3. Implement the responsibility system of maintenance

Based on the delineation of lawn lamp management area, the responsibility system for maintenance people must be implemented so that we can find out who will be responsible for faults after regular inspection and regular maintenance.

4. Strengthen law enforcement and investigation

On one hand, we need to speed up the development of normative documents on lawn management to create conditions for the management according to law. On the other hand, we are supposed to strengthen law enforcement with urban management department, to seriously investigate the destruction of the lawn lamp, and to ensure the lawn lighting facilities of normal operation.

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