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The Things You Should Know About Solar LED Garden Light

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Solar garden light is driven by solar heating energy, whose solar accumulator could transform the heating energy into power energy and store it at daytime and supply power for solar garden light at nighttime. Solar garden light could automatically control charge or discharge heating energy, meanwhile, and could protect the accumulator, which has such advantages as easy and convenient installation without laying some complex pipeline, flexible adjustment of lamp layout, independent installation, energy saving and no pollution.

The general power of solar garden light is not big, the power of normal single light source lamp is 5W-10W, and double light source garden light head is 10W-20W. The solar garden lamp’s height is 3-5 meter, adopts smart way to control charge and power on/off without manual operation, and it could work stably, save power cost and maintenance-free.

1. Super long service life: it adopts semiconductor chip to light without filamentary cathode and bulb, therefore, it is unbreakable and not affected by vibration, service life could reach 50,000 hours, however, normal incandescent light bulb only could reach over 1,000 hours and energy saving lamp is over 8,000 hours. The light source alone could play a big role in energy saving, besides, the light has no any infrared ray and ultraviolet ray, by which will not bring any bad radiation to human and environment.

2. Eyesight protection: it is driven by direct current without any strobe, less required voltage brings about less heating, by which will not to produce any potential safety hazard and could be used in hazardous location such as mine field. It has advantages as high light efficiency, less heating, and its 90% power energy could be transformed into light with high safety factor.

3. Large market potential: low voltage, direct current power supply, it could be driven by battery or solar energy. Solar garden light is also applicable to remote mountain area in short power, and unique LED light source could realize solar garden light’s functionality and decorativeness. It not only has pretty appearance, but also has protection function to prevent inner parts from artificial damage. Unique anti-theft function greatly increases the lamp safety factor.

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