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The way of Upgrading and Transformation of Garden Lighting Manufacturer

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Garden lighting manufacturers are mostly gathered in the Zhongshan ancient town, where many manufacturers are up against fierce competition. In such an environment, many of them have embarked on the upgrading and transformation, such as outsourcing of core business, introduction of advanced technology and equipment, development of online business… and then they have begun to get rid of the situation of low technology, high energy consumption and serious pollution, and has brought the business with flourish and vitality.

The public has a perception that garden lighting manufacturers may be an assembly line of factory with adverse environment and low technology, besides, various bad impressions of “low, noisy and disorder”, such as promotion of order and run of business. There was such a phenomenon in the past. However, after grading and transformation, it is quite different. Although there are still assembly lines, but required a higher technical capacity.

● It requires a good command of diversified physical theory and data calculation. The knowledge and skills training are often conducted to improve abilities of employees;

●The introduction of various large-scale equipment has greatly accelerated the production and enhanced the quality of products. Some core components, requiring importation from foreign countries to meet the requirement of quality, are severe on the data;

●The factory is not only the place of production, but also sales outlet. The professional degree of sales team has high ability and quality, no less than large enterprises;

● The online business, such as official website operation, Alibaba and new media operation, keeps up with the times steps.

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The road of upgrading and transformation of garden lighting manufacturers in the Zhongshan ancient town is the microcosm of Chinese factories. It is full of new flourish and vitality under the traction of the times. ONEJIANG LIGHTING is regarding the quality of technology as the core competitiveness at the same time performing upgrading and transformation to differentiate itself from the competition. 24-hour Hotline: 86-13702588058, Skype/ WeChat: michelleyang121, Email:,

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