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Those Punctual and Trustworthy Garden Lights

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Garden Lights without the brightness and colorfulness of neon lights; not dazzling as searchlight; not miraculous as shadowless lamp; no specific medical efficacy as ultraviolet lamp. It is the most common light among a variety of diverse and unpredictable lights. Because the garden lights know that daytime belongs to the sun, and only the night belongs to themselves.

When the sunset approaches before the closing night curtain, those punctual and trustworthy garden lights will invariably open their eyes to stick to their positions, bravely fight against the darkness, shine out their not dazzling light without reservation to light up a path of illumination and hope to people, let the children afraid of darkness to find the way back home;  let the people who take a walk at night able to appreciate the sceneries of brilliantly illuminated lights; let the people hurry on with their journey, to have the courage and power to march ahead.

Garden Lights stand in narrow space but hold ambitious dreams. They never feel ashamed for their humble, and limited light, year after year, day in and day out, facing the scorching heats, cold rains, lightning and thunders, they never surrender to severe weathers and stand still quietly to bring light and warmth to the world. Just like those ordinary and dedicated workers: like teachers, nourishing the flowers of the motherland; like policemen, safeguarding the safety of people; like doctors, saving the people’s life from the demon of illness; like construction workers, building houses and shelters to the city; like sanitation workers, purifying our home at every moment...

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