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Tips for the maintenance of outdoor solar lights

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After the installation of outdoor solar lights, you may face some common problems when using it. Please follow the tips gave by the producer of outdoor solar lights. Firstly, check the indicators of controller. If both indicators don’t work, it is possibly that the controller broke down or the system was attacked by heavy current such as lightning or short-circuit.

If the lights doesn’t work when indicators work well at night and there is full of voltage in the battery, directly link the positive and negative electrodes of the lights with that of battery. If the lights don’t work, the driver or rectifier of the lights may break down. In case that the voltage in battery excesses the undervoltage condition and there is full of voltage in the battery, however, the lights don’t work when the controller shows a undervoltage condition, cut off the power supply after the voltage in battery goes down by 22.2 V so that the battery can be free from over-charge& discharge.

The battery is charged at daytime and it discharges when the voltage is 24 V, which can protect it from deep discharge. When in undervoltage condition, the battery will not work until its voltage is up to 24V because voltage within 22.2V to 24V is in undervoltage condition.

ONEJIANG LIGHTING strives to provide you with qualified outdoor solar lights. We hope the lights stand at the street corner can illuminate and warm you silently.

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