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Tips on maintaining solar street lights

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Solar street lights have a complex power generation system and many parts. Therefore, it is important to check and maintain them periodically to ensure normal operation. Here are some daily maintenance tips based on my experience.

Tips on maintaining solar street lamps

1. Check the wiring of the lamp's electrical system regularly so as to prevent loose wiring;

2. Check the grounding resistance of solar street lamps on a scheduled basis;

3. Take measures to protect solar cell panels before heavy wind/rain, hailstones, or heavy snow;

4. Keep the upper (working) surface of the solar panels clean. If there is dust or other contaminants, rinse the

surface with clean water and wipe it dry;

5. Do not wash or clean the surface of the solar panels with hard items or corrosive solvent. In most cases, there
is no need to clean the surface of the solar panel assembly. However, it is necessary to check and maintain the

wiring and junctions exposed to the air;

6. In terms of the storage batteries that come with the solar street lamp, it is necessary to use them according to the recommended usage and maintenance methods included with the batteries.

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