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What are the components of solar lawn lights?

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Solar lawn lights are powered by sunlight. Its operation principle is that the sunlight charges the accumulators of battery panels at day and the lights are powered by the electricity of accumulator at night. During the process of using, solar lawn lights are energy-efficient and produce no pollution. They operate in a fairly steady way. Therefore, what are the components of solar lawn lights?

1. Solar battery panel: it is the core component of solar lights and the most expensive component. Its function is to convert the radiation capacity of sun into electricity or storage the electricity into the accumulator. The major material of solar battery is monocrystal silicon.

2. Solar controller: the most important link of solar light system is the controller. Its performance has direct impact on the system life, especially on the life of accumulator. The devices are switched by measuring environment temperature and detecting the voltage and electric current of the accumulator and solar battery modules, so as to control and protect the solar lights.

3. The accumulator: because the input energy of solar photovoltaic power generation system is very unstable, the accumulator system is necessarily configured. The accumulators generally include lead-acid accumulator, Ni-Cd accumulator and Ni-H accumulator. When choosing accumulator capacity, the following principles must be abode by: on the premise that the lights could satisfy the night electricity demand, the electricity in solar battery module is stored as much as possible. Meanwhile, the electricity for continuous rainy nights must be stored. The accumulator with small capacity are unable to satisfy night illumination demand. If the accumulator is too big, it is always lack of electricity, which has a bad impact on the accumulator life and results in waste.

4. Light source: what kind of light source powers the solar street lights is a crucial indicator whether the solar lights could operate normally. Generally, solar lights include low pressure energy-efficient lights, low pressure sodium lights, electrodeless lights and LED lights.

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