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What are the differences between global solar lights?

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Solar lights are different. The different environment in different areas makes Guangdong solar lights manufacturers to produce different lights, hence they are distinctive. As a solar lights manufacturer whose products are sold globally, ONEJIANG LIGHTING will tell you the differences between solar lights in each country.

Guangdong solar lights manufacturers will fully take the sunshine, temperature, climate and other related factors when they produce solar lights. For example, the tropical weather and sunny day in Africa, Brazil, Malaysia and Hawaii make the high efficiency of solar panels in lights. So the size of lights is small and its lead-acid cell can be allocated under the ground.

We believe the tropical weather area is the optimal places to use solar lights. However, though the relatively runny day it is, the rainy climate in most parts of domestic China, India, Japan, America let the bigger size of battery and it usually uses aluminum battery or lead acid cells. The aluminum battery will be hung on the lamp stand, what make the different appearance of lights.

such as Canada, Northern Europe, Russia where it is cold. The usage rate of solar lights is low, especially in Antarctic Circle and Arctic Circle. Because of the abundant wind energy, wind-energy lights will be used in terms of lights with high lamp stand.

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