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What are the different specifications of solar lights for different regions?

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Although solar light can be applied throughout the country, their performances are quite different. Why does this happen? Now please follow ONEJIANG OUTDOOR LIGHTING to understand it together!

The actual effective sunshine hours and solar intensity in different areas are also different, so the solar light manufacturers will customize and produce solar lights with different performance and specifications according to the actual condition in different regions. Only choosing the most suitable solar light can save resources and meet the daily use.

First of all, we need to know the working principle of solar lights. It uses the photovoltaic effect principle of solar battery. The solar battery stores the electricity generated by the solar photon energy that is absorbed in the daytime through the controller. When the night falls or the brightness around the light is low to a certain value, the controller will take the discharge operation and turn on the solar lights automatically.

The design data the solar light demands, meaning the longitude and latitude determined by the known using region and the solar radiation data got through different inclined plane, can be used to determine the inclination angle and the azimuth angle of solar battery set and calculate the sunshine hours of solar standard peak of the region. The power (W) of the light source of solar light chosen will affect the parameters’ stability of the whole system directly. The working hour (H) of the solar light at night is the core parameter that determines the components size of the solar light system. After determining the working hours, the daily power consumption load and the corresponding charging current of the solar battery set can be calculated preliminarily. The solar light also needs the data of the continuous rainy days (D), because this parameter determines the size of the battery capacity and the solar battery set needed to recover the battery capacity after rainy days. So we use D to express the interval time between two consecutive rainy days, which determines the power of battery set of charging the battery fully after one continuous rainy period.

Therefore, when choosing different solar lights for different regions, special attention must be paid to whether its design ideas and key points of the system are in line with the local actual conditions. We should not save investment and pursue low prices blindly, but also should not pursue high performance and cause resources waste blindly as well.

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