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What are the most obvious advantages of solar light?

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Now ONAJIANG LIGHTING is going to tell you how solar light came into being.

The disadvantages of ordinary outdoor lights are complex installation procedure and cable-laying that needs to dig trenches firstly to bury the pipes and lines. Some places that are not convenient for burying pipes asks for higher costs, and the long installation and debugging wastes a lot of human, financial and material resources. The electricity price rises with commodity prices, but the power stations claim that they are running at losses because the cables often require maintenance. At the same time, burying cables will cause safety risks. If other people carry out construction in the cable-laying place, it’s possible to destroy the cable pipes and cause safety accidents.

One the other hand, the ordinary outdoor light also has its advantages. Not being affected by the weather is one of the advantages as the weather has no influence on the lights in places without sufficient sunshine. And its cost is slightly lower relatively.

The most obvious advantage of solar light is its simple installation. It asks for no complex lines, but just need to dig a small pit, build a cement base and fix it with stainless steel screws. Solar light rely on the electricity transferred by the solar energy, so apart from the daily maintenance and equipment aging repair, there’s almost zero investment required after the construction. It has a long service life, although the procurement cost is relatively higher, but cost of late stage is lower.

Solar light also has some shortages, such as the lighting problems in rainy days, the poor battery life and other problems. But with the progress of technology, these problems will be resolved soon and solar light will gradually become the king of outdoor lighting.

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