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What kinds of lightningproof designs have ONEJIANG LIGHTING done for solar lights?

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With the rapid development of solar light technology, solar energy has been adopted more and more widely. ONEJIANG LIGHTING is honored to grow together and try to be the best partner on the road of modern lighting.

ONEJIANG LIGHTING has considered lightningproof measures while the production and development of solar light products, so that set up a dual lightning protection system at the very beginning of design. One is an external device, and the other is an internal device. They are mutually complementary.

Internal lightning protection system has set overvoltage protection linking to external lightning protection system in the shell and in-and-out protection cable as well as metallic conduit , and adopted point connection. The shell of the common LED outdoor lamp is made by conductive material, which itself is equivalent to a lightning rod. The internal system can prevent from the inductive lightning and other forms of overvoltage intrusion resulting in power damage, which is not able to be guaranteed by the external lightning protection system. This lightning protection design has been scientifically practiced and rigorously tested and proved not only to ensure the product will not be damaged by lightning, but also to eliminate the interference of lightning to the solar light power equipment.

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