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Five reasons why you should use our products:

● We adopt an environmentally-friendly lead-free casting process. The main body of our lamps is molded just the once under alum-free high pressure aluminum cast. The materials we use are authentic and unadulterated. They have strong corrosion resistance high hardness as well as anti-oxidation effect. They do not rust and are strong,durable and easy to install.

With the use of solar grade silicon bulbs with high power,our solar-energy lamps have high brightness,long ,life-span and high stability and safety.

Our stainless lamps also use high-quality seamless tubes. We also develop our own hardware stamping dies. After being formed,the dies are polished,sprayed with varnish and then dried at a temperature of 180℃. The lamps thus have stronger corrosion resistance and anti-oxidation effect.

stainlesss steel

● We employ the internationally used E27 screw socket which has strong high temperature resistance and strong flame retardation. It does not age and is very durable. Because of these reasons,it is used in various kinds of lamps, such as incandescent lamps,energy-saving lamps,and LED lamps.

● Powder coating specially designed for outdoor equipment is employed on the surface of our lamps. After going throng electrostatic spraying,high temperature curing and other,the coated surface has strong adhesive strength and is resistant to corrosion,acid,alkali,ultraviolet,and scratching. The paint does not wipe off easily nor fade.

Our Services

● Our lamps are also resistant to dust and water, having a water-proof level of IP55/IP65. They are usable even in heavy wind and rain. Users can feel free to use our lamps outdoors.


● With a high-transmitting glass/PMMA/PC lamp shade, our lamps have strong high temperature resistance and are hard to age. There is no volatile gas. The light diffuses evenly, while its color is soft and does not change.

● We will provide you with every step of the production process, and tell you the information about which step of the production, how much finished, complete quality, etc.

Safe packaging

● Outer package: The package is strengthened and goes through strict pressure-resistance and high dropping tests.

● Inner package: Embedded barrier packaging is employed which makes the package more resistant to shock and reduces the pressure it bears, so as to reduce friction and collision, and ensure safety.

Our commitment to you:

● All of our deliveries are timely, we manufacture all of our major accessories of production.

We will provide you with every step of the production process.

● We will make sure that the 15 processes that our products go through are strictly supervised by professionals.

After the production is completed, the QC will provide a product inspection report.

Our products are strictly tested before shipment.

● We will develop unique and innovative products on a regular basis according to market needs.

● We will provide 24-hour online customer service and reply to your mails within 3-6 hours.

● Our professional after-service team will solve all the problems you face, when buying our products or when using them.

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