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Company Profile

ONEJIANG LIGHTING is a professional outdoor lighting manufacturer, integrating design, research and development, production, sales and installation engineering. we have two plant areas which are Yifeng and Huike. covering an area of more than 7000 square meters, and equipped with professional production facilities and detecting instruments. The two plant areas have gained certifications for ISO9001, CCC, CE, ROHS, SDOC compliance, successively, and have also been awarded the “Trustworthy Company” title by the government and other authoritative institutions in the field for several years. This is majorly because we always honor contracts and stand by our reputation.

Taking high credibility, high quality and excellent service as the highest development tenets, we engage in developing and producing a series of aluminum, stainless steel and solar outdoor lighting products. The main series include the European garden lamp series, multiple LED wall lamp series, various up and down wall lamp series, moisture-proof lamp series, pin lamp series, foot light series, underground lamp series, lawn lamp series, pillar lamp series, garden lamp series, landscape lamp series, LED projector lamp series, LED linear light series, LED underwater lamp series, stainless steel outdoor lamp series, as well as solar outdoor lamp series and others.

All work links and tasks including project follow-up and management, such as the purchase of raw materials, production, packaging, delivery and after-sale service are performed and completed by professionals, so as to provide strong guarantee for accurately and effectively meeting clients’ needs.

Our products are sold far and wide in Europe, the United States, also to Southeast Asia, and are widely used in lighting and decoration fixtures in various streets, public squares, parks, supermarkets, residential quarters, and luxurious villas.


Our company implements serious quality management in all our departments, involving all staff in the quality management activities. This is accomplished on the departmental level, where managers organize and hold quality analysis meetings at regular intervals. The genera quality condition is summarized as well as any substandard products found and discussions are had to come up with prevention measures. The aim of such meetings is to enhance the company’s quality management awareness and improve product quality through strong team spirit, our sales department constantly conducts customer satisfaction surveys, collecting feedback and adopting reasonable suggestions by customers in a timely manner, in order to improve product quality, raise brand awareness and set a good example in society.

Our company is conscientious about quality and this is manifested through all work links. For example, all raw materials must go through the sampling test by the quality control department. All materials must live up to a certain standard before being permitted to be put in storage or used in the plants. Failures are returned without fail. The production department manufactures products according to production standards and in obedience to the “three inspection” principle. In terms of packaging, the packaging standards are formulated according to the features of products. Finished packaging work and final products are inspected for compliance with standards; the quality control department is responsible for carrying out product delivery and inspection, and also audits the “delivery inspection sheet” conscientiously. The sheet contains instructions on whether the products are delivered or not.

Our company conducts internal quality audits twice a year. It takes timely correction measures, to solve any problems that arise during the inspection process, and make sure things are put on the straight and level within the specified time. We do not allow non-conforming products to reach the market.

Our Team


Technical Director


I have 16 years of experience in outdoor lighting production and regularly participate in technological exchange activities in the industry.

I was mainly responsible for the construction and maintainance of the company’s technological management system, formulating technical standards and related processes, and ensuring the motivation of the technical team of the company.


QA Manager


I have been working in the outdoor lighting industry for 9 years and was mainly engaged in quality control work including formulating and implementing various company quality management systems, evaluating raw material suppliers, and supervising and guiding detailed quality control work.

We do everything possible to supervise every process. We also organize staff training on quality assurance in order to improve their quality consciousness, which is beneficial to the controlling of product quality, as it makes management's work easier and helps generate excellent work performance.


After Sales Manager


Having been working as after-sales service managers for 6 years in the outdoor lighting industry, I also regularly take part in systematic training activities organized by the professional groups and bodies in the industry. In terms of work, I was mainly responsible for the formulation of after-sales service and management systems.

We arrange systematic professional training for the staff in the department twice a month and periodically organize refresher courses in the workshop for the team, so as to familiarize them with common limitations of the products as well as the performance of products in practical use. We also carry out performance appraisals on the staff in order to improve the team’s technical service ability and consciousness about serving customers wholeheartedly.

We further establish archives for every customer, collect and sort out customers’ information, and return the feedback of customers on their suggestions and requirements to the company, so as to improve the product quality.

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